Should I hire my overseas team member directly or use an outsourcing company or staffing company or placement service?

There are many things to consider when deciding whether or not to hire an overseas team member directly, use an outsourcing company, staffing company, or placement service. Often, the process can feel a bit daunting, especially when you factor in all the other responsibilities likely piled on your plate.

It is our opinion that using a hiring kit is the best way to hire an overseas team member. While using a hiring kit can take a little bit more of your time upfront, it has a number of advantages over other hiring methods. That’s what we’ll be discussing here today: 7 key benefits of using a hiring kit.

1. It Allows You to Hire Directly 

Using a hiring kit means you get to hire directly.

This means the team member works for you, and receives 100% of their pay. They are more likely to be loyal and passionate about your company when you’re paying them, one-to-one. And, you can always hire someone on a short-term basis to start with, to see if they’re a good fit for your company. With no middleman coordinating everything, the entire hiring process will go much more smoothly, too.

2. You Can Adjust Their Schedule According to Your Needs

This means you can increase or decrease their hours, adjust their pay, and adjust their schedule as needed to fit your business and needs at the time. In lean times, you can always cut back hours. But in times of high productivity, they can take on a lot of extra work (if they agree to do so).

Often this will translate into you asking if they can work an extra or hour or two per day for a few weeks or a month and you can adjust their pay accordingly in the short-term. A hiring kit makes these sorts of adjustments painless and much simpler to navigate because everyone will be on the same page from day one.

3. They Use All of Your Tools 

Want your new team member to track time a certain way? Need them to have a company email address? You can have them operate the way that is most helpful for you and your business, including using your project management software like or Trello. Any new team member you hire will need to be trained on how to use your company’s systems anyway, so this will save you time and money in the long run.

When you hire an overseas team member, they can use your preferred project management tools.

And unlike when using an outsourcing company, you’re not beholden to a third-party’s processes so you can bring this overseas hire fully onto your team in whatever capacity that makes the most sense for you.

4. You Can Ensure They Are Properly Vetted 

When you use a hiring kit, you can rest assured that any new team member you decide to hire will have been properly vetted and found to be a great fit for your business. Using a multi-step hiring process, you can make sure they have the skills, culture fit, and personality to work well with you and your existing team.

Plus, you’ll have the chance to conduct a video interview and get to know them a bit before making a final decision, which helps to further ensure they will be a good fit with the personalities and processes you currently work with.

5. It’s Cheaper Than Using an Outsourcing Company

Staffing agencies either take a big payment upfront or a percentage of the team member pay. So in the long run, using such an agency ends up costing you a lot more money. You can keep your overhead lower by hiring directly.

But unlike hiring directly on your own, using a hiring kit still gives you all the benefits of a staffing agency, without the overhead or other drawbacks. It also provides an element of protection. Each candidate has been thoroughly vetted, which helps to save you from a bit of uncertainty.

6. They Are Not Servicing a Bunch of Clients 

When you use a service for design and you have an assigned designer, they are often forced to serve you and several other agencies. So their time is split and it can be unpredictable how many hours they will have available for you (depending on the requests by others). This, obviously, can cause havoc for your business and leave you running behind schedule.

However, when you hire directly, you have that team member’s full attention. They are not servicing other companies, so they can focus on your projects and meeting your deadlines. It’s the level of commitment your company deserves, after all.

7. They Can Work Your Timezone/Hours if You Want 

Rather than waiting overnight for changes, you can advertise your position to work your daytime hours (or at least part of your daytime hours). This will lead to a better work/life balance for you and also be more cost-effective because you won’t have to pay the team member for working late hours.

Pick a candidate who can work your preferred hours.

If this isn’t all that important to you, that’s fine, too. But it is nice to have the option to lock in a prospect who can work a schedule that fits your company’s needs.

There are several other benefits of using a hiring kit, but we think these seven are some of the most important to consider when making your final hiring decision.

What To Do Next?

Check out our comparison chart on the advantages of using a Rockstar Hiring Kit and hiring your next overseas team member directly vs. other options. After a quick review, it’ll soon become clear why hiring directly is the best solution for your business.

Still have questions? Contact us today. And remember, if you want to hire an overseas member directly, try one of our hiring kits. From the quality of service to the quality of the potential hires, you’ll soon see why it’s a worthwhile investment (and then some).

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